If your parents will soon be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary you should be very proud of their achievement. Any wedding anniversary gift that you give them is a way to show how much you appreciate all their love and hard work. In Ancient Rome, a husband bestowed on his wife a garland made from gold for their 50th wedding anniversary, and we still use this theme today. Gold is a marvellous symbol to be used for such a wondrous occasion, but your mom might not appreciate a golden garland, as much as she would another kind of gift. There are plenty of things to choose from including unusual, exciting, sentimental, unique and humorous gift ideas.

Bring back memories with your golden wedding anniversary gift

i love my familySome people say that the road of marriage is a rocky one, filled with highs and lows, trials and celebrations. A golden wedding anniversary is the perfect opportunity for reminiscing, and you can help your parents do this with the right kind of gift. One perfect way is with an anniversary scrapbook, or photo album filled with memorable moments. Whether you’re looking online, or going to the store, there are heaps of different designs, styles and colours to choose from. You can even choose the option of some personalization. Add their names, date and location of their marriage for an extra magical touch.

Keeping this golden wedding anniversary gift for your parents a secret might be a little difficult if you haven’t got many photographs of your own. But you’ve got lots of friends and family you can ask for contributions. If you can’t get enough photographs to fill the pages or the picture frame you can always ask for written messages to be added to the collection.

Golden wedding anniversary gifts for parents will show how much you care

When your parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary it should be seen as a very special occasion. There is a sad trend in today’s modern world that means the number of people reaching such a milestone is decreasing. And that’s not because we don’t live long enough, but that separation and divorce have become a path that many couples choose to take too easily.

There are lots of different ways you can show your parents how proud you are. You could hold an extravagant party, a more low-key family affair, send them on a vacation, buy a suitable gift or invite them round to yours and cook a slap up meal for them both. The variety of options can make choosing a little daunting, and you won’t find the right answer in just a few minutes. Careful thought is required to come up with the perfect gift, but we know you can do it, and anyway you’ve got us to help you.

Our top ideas for your parent’s golden wedding anniversary gift

gold golf ballJewellery made from gold is an excellent gift choice for your parents, whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, earrings, cufflinks, tie pin or even a gold watch. And there is so much to choose from that finding a gift to suit your mom or dad won’t be a problem. Take your time considering all the options, as rushing out and buying the first thing you set eyes on might be a costly mistake. And remember that gold comes in many colours, for example white, rose, pink, green and blue.

A really unusual set of gifts we’ve discovered are those currently on offer from Eternity Rose. Included are items of jewellery, made from miniature rose petals that have been glazed and then trimmed with 24 carat gold. Alternatively, you can give your parents a rose bloom dipped in gold. And an anniversary gift for him, your dad that is, is a set of gold dipped poker cards or golf ball and tee set.

If you’re thinking you’d like to buy them something for their home there probably isn’t anything they need. Instead you’ll have to choose some interesting accessories or additions. Pick something artistic such as a piece of gold coloured glassware, an original piece of artwork, a tapestry or anything artisan.

Bet your undecided whether to buy an anniversary gift for her, one for him or a gift they can enjoy together. Their tastes are probably quite different but there will also be things they enjoy doing together. It’s really up to you which you choose.

Whatever gift you choose to give your parents on their golden wedding anniversary, try and make it special. It should speak loudly of the love that you’ve shared and be a promise of all those special moments yet to be enjoyed.

We gave a few tips on a previous page regarding the organising of an anniversary party. Time for a few more.

More tips for an anniversary party

Part of organising an anniversary party for your parents is sorting out the entertainment. A great way to make the event more interesting and fun for everyone is by introducing a few simple games. Here are our suggestions:
golden wedding anniversary gifts

  • Guess the couple – This is a party game that everyone can take part in. It just needs other guests to bring in some old photographs. All you need to do is lay them all out and see if other guests are able to guess who they are.
  • Test your parent’s relationship – Hopefully they’ll be up for this challenge. Invite your parents to take centre stage and sit them back to back on a couple of chairs. Ask them some questions about each other and for every right answer they get another anniversary gift.
  • Who knows them the best? – Ask your parents for their contribution to this game and together compile some fun questions for the guests to answer. Whoever gets the most answers correct receives a prize.

Golden wedding anniversaries are important occasions, and when the happy couple are your parents you need to find a way to show you’re proud. Put in the effort and you’ll be rewarded with smiles on their faces.