It’s traditional for men to give their wives anniversary gifts, but why not do something special for your husband to say thanks for 50 years of marital bliss? Giving gifts to the guys has suddenly taken off and you’ll be surprised at the number of anniversary gifts for him now available. Ladies love being spoilt and treated like a princess, but you can always turn the tables and make him feel like a prince. You can choose to stick with traditional and give him cufflinks, a watch or a gold ring. Or how about looking at gifts a little more unusual? Time to show your husband how much you care, and consider one of the following anniversary gift ideas for him.

Wedding presents for him should be thought provoking

anniversary gifts for himReaching the golden milestone in your marriage is an occasion worthy of a celebration. And a great way to get the ball rolling is with a suitable anniversary gift. It’s a chance to remind him of all the years that have passed, even though the road may have sometimes been a little bumpy. By the time you’ve reached your 50th anniversary it’s highly likely that feelings of love and emotions are voiced as much as they should be. That doesn’t mean you don’t love each other as much as you ever did, but you’ve kind of got used to taking it for granted.

Rekindle those heartfelt emotions by picking a gift that will remind him of your love every time he looks at it or holds it in his hand. Choose a customized insert for his wallet and everytime he opens it he’ll be reminded of you. It could be a small photograph of the two of you enjoying a precious moment, or a few words to remind him of your love. You could also choose to have a personalized love poem framed in gold to be hung on the wall. Maybe he’d really appreciate an engraved keyring that simply says “Keep my love with you always”. Are there any memories of your wedding day he holds close to his heart? Does he remember the song you danced to? If you think he’d appreciate a reminder give him a CD of the tune in a personalized frame.

Wedding anniversary gifts for a husband don’t have to be boring or uninspiring. You could always choose to give him the opportunity to try something new.

Exciting anniversary presents for him can take the form of an experience

Do you think your husband would enjoy the chance to try something new? If you think he would then a great wedding anniversary present for him would be the gift of an experience. It could be something he’ll enjoy on his own, something he could do with a bunch of friends, or best of all something you could do together. Let’s give you a few examples:

  • A wine and cheese experience
  • Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

  • Beer appreciation masterclass
  • Toronto helicopter ride
  • Quebec VIP winery tour and lunch
  • Whale watching experience
  • Pottery making experience
  • Fly casting lessons
  • Photography class
  • Wildlife and hot springs tour
  • Rogers Arena tour and Vancouver Canucks gift pack
  • Tri-city view from the air
  • Jeep sunset cruise
  • Sunset golf at Mayfair Lakes
  • Exploration of the Sunshine Coast
  • Learn to draw a portrait
  • Art lessons
  • Dancing classes
  • Jet airliner simulator experience
  • Columbia Icefield tour

This is your chance to let him do something he wants. You’d be introducing him to a possible new hobby, a sport, arts, photography or giving him the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream. Your wedding anniversary gifts for him can be as interesting and inspiring as your budget allows.

Wedding anniversary gift ideas for him that’ll tickle his taste buds

Don’t they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? We think it’s pretty certain you’re already there but just to make sure why not choose an anniversary gift for him that revolves around food? Whether he’s got a sweet tooth or much prefers savoury delights there are lots of different ways you can tickle his taste buds.

Maybe he’d love a chocolate hammer or stillson wrench, a special anniversary cake or chocolate truffles with his name on them. Do you live near to the restaurant of a famous chef? Perhaps dinner for two at a gourmet establishment would be the answer.

Rather than eating out why not cook him a special anniversary dinner at home? Serve up one of his favourite dishes or try something new. You could even try cooking together. With personalized anniversary aprons of course.

Maybe your husband has a favourite tipple. Who are we kidding, of course he will. Buy him for a golden wedding anniversary present his all time favourite brand or beer or spirits. Add a couple of personalized glasses, tankards or tumblers and he’ll be set for the evening.

On the whole men much prefer their presents to be useful. So what’s on offer for this kind of guy?

Wedding anniversary gifts for a husband he can put to good use

It’s never a good idea to buy a guy something he won’t be able to make good use of. He won’t be happy, and you won’t be either with a gift that sits on the shelf and gathers dust. Instead choose a gift he can put to good use. There are plenty to choose from. Does he enjoy a game of poker? Maybe he’d love to be given a set of 24 carat gold poker cards from Eternity Rose. If he still spends time at the office how about giving him a gold plated pen in an engraved box? Does he like spending time in the great outdoors? An engraved penknife might be just what he needs when out exploring. It’s not the popular pastime it once was but there are still some guys who relax by having a smoke. Give him a gold lighter engraved with the date of your wedding and a few heartfelt words and he’ll always be reminded how much you love him.
poker gold cards