Have you got a special someone, who has stood next to you for 50 years and helped weather all the storms that life has thrown at you? Time to give her an anniversary gift to treasure and remind her you still care a whole lot about her. If you’ve got a friend who is soon to be celebrating her golden wedding anniversary, the right kind of anniversary gift will bring a smile to her face. When you’ve spent 50 years living with the same person the event is definitely worthy of celebration, and a great way to mark the event is with good anniversary gifts for her.

Time to share our ideas and make choosing an anniversary gift for her a little easier

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts for HerWhen you’re thinking about anniversary presents for her, a great way to show your significant other exactly how you feel, is by buying her something you know she’ll like. For centuries gold has been the theme chosen for 50th wedding anniversary gifts. The tradition goes way back in history to the Holy Roman Empire when a husband gave his wife the gift of a golden garland. Possibly not the best gift choice for the modern woman, but you don’t have to worry because there are lots of other more suitable options.

You could give her a bottle of her favourite tipple and add to the gift with personalized glasses. Engravings can be added to most kinds of glasses including whisky tumblers, cut glass wine goblets and champagne flutes.

Jewellery is another favourite choice for anniversary gifts for her. And you don’t have to content yourself with a generic piece either. Unique or unusual items of jewellery are plentiful, especially if you’re doing your gift shopping online. Gold comes in many different colours which opens up your options even further. The list includes earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and watches.

Maybe your beloved wife loves all kinds of food, so why not find a gift that relates to her preferences? She might enjoy Chinese, Mexican or classic French cooking and you could always try your hand at cooking her dinner in one of these styles. There are also personalized cheeseboards, with a selection of cheeses, food gift baskets, chocolates, candy or an evening of dining in her favourite restaurant.

Why not choose an experience as your anniversary gift for her?

A relatively new idea in the gift arena is the gift of an experience. Perfect for the lady who has everything she needs. You can pick from an experience you know she’ll enjoy or one that will be a completely new experience. You never know it might even open new doors and spark an interest in a new hobby. Here are a few suggestions:

  • An experience in Toronto’s distillery district
  • red pendant

  • Tree trek adventure
  • Fruit winery tour
  • Horse-drawn sleigh ride
  • Tour of the Pelham family estate
  • Sunday-brunch cruise
  • Full moon kayaking
  • Maligne Canyon icewalk
  • Theatre tickets and dining experience
  • Dinner and medieval times show
  • Coffee Barista masterclass
  • Dinner and comedy show
  • Martini cocktail masterclass
  • Private dancing date
  • Wildlife and hot springs tour

Pick an experience you can enjoy together or something she can enjoy on her own.

Show how much you care with sentimental anniversary presents for her

unique gifts for herWe think it’s safe to say that you’re in a long term relationship, which means good anniversary gifts for her should symbolize how much you care about each other. It might be a good time to rekindle some of your memories. Perhaps by revisiting the location you had your first date. Your lovely wife may have a favourite tune, or it’s very likely that she remembers the tunes playing when you first danced together. Bring such memories back to life with a personalized CD of the tune, presented in a golden frame. You can also buy online newspapers from many dates in history, which means giving her a gift to remind her of the newsworthy events 50 years ago.

Your wife will certainly appreciate a handwritten poem or a love letter that explains what it is you love about her. If you’re worried about finding the words there’s plenty of help available online.

Another popular gift choice is a gold dipped rose from Eternity Rose. The beauty of a natural rose bloom is perfectly preserved by dipping it in gold, silver or platinum, and you can even add an engraving for an extra special touch.

Is it time for a second honeymoon? Why not? Whisk her away for the vacation of a lifetime, somewhere exotic or to a location that holds a special place in her heart. What could be better than enjoying your 50th anniversary with the person you love? Lying back on the deck of a cruise ship, soaking up the sun on a white sandy beach, wandering through exotic craft markets, or simply enjoying a spa break for two. You’ll be taking lots of pictures, so why not add them to an anniversary scrapbook?

Flowers are good anniversary gifts for her, because it’s a well known fact that ladies love flowers. A bouquet of 50 blooms of her favourite flowers, or one that is filled with flowers that give off a heady scent, are just a couple of suggestions, but there are plenty more to choose from.

Wedding anniversary gifts for her regardless of her taste

The options are virtually endless if you’re facing the challenge of finding good anniversary gifts for her. Engraved plaques, paperweights, gold jewellery, picture frames, ornaments, trinkets, cushions, clocks, plants and flowers – so much to choose from you can’t fail to find something that suits her perfectly.

What’s important to remember is that any gift you give should be a true reflection of your feelings, and symbolize the strength of your relationship. Token gifts have no place in your marital home.

You won’t be disappointed and she won’t either, because there are anniversary presents to suit all pockets and taste. Choose something contemporary, traditional, original, artistic or different. She’ll be touched with the thought you put into choosing, and your gift will surely secure your place in her heart.
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